Behavioural assessment preparation.

"We prepare your team for the assessment day itself, simulating the actual event to attendees, so they are totally prepared."

Behavioural assessment preparation.

Your team will develop the skills they need to perform at their best. You will understand the strengths and weaknesses of your team. They will have strategies for how each individual can help plug any identified gaps. 

Beginning with what behavioural assessment is and is not, we focus on behavioural profiling - how different types of behaviour might be perceived and the potential impact others. Using proven exercises, we showcase behaviour types, increasing self-awareness and building team cohesion. During our workshops your team will be taken through a pressurized, challenging experience. It may sometimes try their patience and test their mettle. Any cracks will rapidly show. This is done deliberately by our experienced coaches, always in a safe and appropriate manner. Our approach enables individuals to learn for themselves the potential impact specific behaviours may have and how their behaviours may be perceived by assessors and clients. 
We gradually build the intensity of the learning curve, adding new layers of challenge only once the previous ones are completely embedded and being used “naturally”. We are always conscious of the need to ensure all delegates remain engaged and positive throughout.
Working through live examples of assessment centre tests and other proven management exercises we enable your team to get a ‘client’s-eye view’ of individuals and the team’s performance. 

Whilst we follow a tried and tested process there is no formula or off-the-shelf process as our approach is bespoke to your situation, and may include some or all of the following: 

Individual behavioural profiles: gain the insights you need to direct the whole process. We provide 1:1 coaching to team members on their profile to ensure total understanding and to answer any questions or concerns they may have about the forthcoming process.
Initial team behavioural review: get clear objective advice on the potential strengths and weaknesses of the proposed team and recommendations to improve the team profile.
Behavioural training and coaching: team members develop awareness and understanding about their own and others’ behaviour. Improve communication, engagement and commitment for current and future bids.
Behavioural CVs and interviews: one-to-one interviews help draw out clear examples of when the behaviours claimed were demonstrated in real life.
Within the last 18 months we have coached teams to prepare for different types of behavioural assessment. Their clients included Network Rail, HS2, Utilities Companies and Highways England. In every instance the team we have coached has scored the highest of all bidders.

Behavioural AssessmentPreparation Process - Simplified:

Understand BA requirements.


Design bespoke interventions(include interviews if required).

Propose practical solution.

Psychometric tools + 1:1 coaching.

Artboard 1

Facilitated development days.

Individual follow-up (where necessary).

Facilitated development days.

Dress rehearsal.

Final coaching session plus pep talk.

Feedback from team to improve process for next time.

Case Study.

Sector: Infrastructure

Service Focus: Collaborative behavioural assessment and interviews

Customer / Contract: High Speed 2 (HS2)

The Challenge

● A very high profile and politically sensitive project● To simultaneously prepare 3 teams – one for a collaborative assessment and 2 for client facing interviews (at Executive + Senior Management level). Both interviews to include trained behavioural assessors within the client’s team.● Key personnel based in the UK, Spain and Canada, ● Our client was a Joint Venture representing different specialist services required for the project, hence different business cultures, processes and procedures.● Several people were involved in more than one element of the programme.● English was not the first language for over 65% of the key people.● All people involved were also still engaged on other high-profile projects within their respective businesses or locations.

What we did

● Initiated behavioural profiles for all people potentially involved in one or more element – plus another 5-6 senior people nominated as “reserves”.● Provided 1:1 feedback to all on their behavioural profiles ahead of any joint workshops.● Ran a series of workshops (both virtual and face to face) focused on: team building, developing a team ethos, creating shared values and culture and most importantly gaining a detailed understanding of the ultimate clients needs, concerns and measurement criteria.● All workshops included time for group coaching and 1:1 coaching to develop the necessary skills and understanding required to match the clients exacting behavioural criteria.● Specific interview practice sessions were interspersed with the behavioural coaching sessions, focused on both delivering accurate answers individually and building team bonding and positive dynamics. ● All the above culminated in each of the 3 groups being put through a formal “dry run” of their session to simulate the actual event.


● All individuals and teams were fully prepared and rehearsed and everyone understood their role within the whole, having seen all the other sections, so they were easily able to cross-reference their responses with those of other members of their team.● Client team secured the project, being appointed Principal Contractor

“Many thanks Hugh and team……it was a great win…….we clearly would not have achieved this result without your help and support”

Many WillsGroup Board Member

“Thank you so much for the coaching and support. I enjoyed it immensely and learned an awful lot with the added benefit of this having practical everyday uses”

Catherine Beechmans Lead H&S Manager

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