Our approach.

We don’t aim to sell you our way of doing things; we help you develop your way of doing things, in a way that delivers you the maximum chance of success with your bids and tenders – now and in the future.

Our key strength is our ability to listen: to select the right strategies and tools for your particular team, staff, situation or opportunity and share them at the right time for best effect. This means that you receive a personalised, tailored service which is specific and relevant. We do not use a formula or process, we approach your coaching requirements afresh, assessing your needs and developing a programme that reflects your goals. 
Our learning programmes are practical, thought-provoking and designed to engage even the most cynical professional. Our team communicate with empathy: sharing skills, strategies, tools and techniques for a rounded understanding of what is expected and the context. We provide structure and processes to help individuals and teams succeed in their respective roles.
We understand that it is difficult to get teams together in the same room. We know that time away from the day job is time that has to be made up elsewhere and that travelling to meetings is “dead time”. Our interventions are carefully planned to minimise the input and focus the output on achieving your goals.
Our approach is always to be straightforward and practical and to develop learning through role play, directed reflection and peer feedback. We have found that by explaining ‘why’ rationally, the ‘what’ and ‘how’ follow in a more constructive environment. The learning and skills adoption happens naturally, and in a more sustained way, providing a deep learning that will benefit the participants on this and future projects. 

We are responsive, collaborative and always positive.

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